My Little World (book)

A child’s perspective uncovers a whole new world of little animals and plants in this story when they can’t see the bigger things the grown-ups see.  A child can make a unique contribution to their family and there are fascinating creatures waiting to be discovered!My Little World, written in verse by Julia Cooke and with vivid, accurate illustrations by Marjorie Crosby-Fairall, is published by Omnibus Books (A Division of Scholastic Australia)ISBN: 9781862917903 (hbk.)

My Little World was short-listed for the 2012 Environment Award for Children’s Literature by the Wilderness Society and is listed on the 2012-2014 Premier’s Reading Challenge lists for New South WalesVictoria and South Australia.  It was listed by Readings as one of the Best Kids Books of 2011.

This books is now very nearly out of print, but if you can find it for sale, RRP $26.99
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