A podcast with ‘in situ Science’

The podcast I recorded with in situ Science is available here.

I really enjoy listening to podcasts and so I was very happy when Dr James O’Hanlon invited me to make a recording for one of my favourites: in situ Science.  We chat as we walk though Lane Cove National Park, searching for the population of flying duck orchids I had seen there some years earlier (we didn’t find them but my photo from 2006 is below).  It was a fun morning walk and there’s a lot of laughing.  We talked about being scientists, distance education, as well as my children’s book My Little World and research on plant silicon with a few conversational detours when we were distracted by plants and animals spotted along the way!

The in situ Science podcast is also available through iTunes and pod bean.  I recommend subscribing to be a-fly-on-the-wall for fascinating and accessible conversations with scientists who are also rather nice humans.

To me our walk was a little homage to some other podcasts I really like: the topic was a little like In Defense of Plants, the style a bit similar to The Field Guides, and because the amount of laughter was en par with (political and arty) Chat10Looks3, I’ve provided show notes: