Reaching the canopy

The cherry picker allowed us to access shoots 10-12m high.

Measuring and tagging trees – some of the trees were quite bendy!

Stem girdler damage on Xylomelum scottianum

I’m just back from a couple of weeks of field work in Girringun National Park, SW of Cairns, working with the Comparative Ecology Lab.  I haven’t visited much of Queensland, so I really enjoyed seeing some rainforest on the drive up through the hills, and then exploring the savanna at our field sites.  We used a cherry picker to reach the canopy.  We are interested in determinants of vertical growth in plants, and these machines allow us to measure and mark shoots up to 12m in tree canopies.

Driving back from Cairns (to Sydney) was fascinating.  We took an inland route through Charter’s Towers and Moree.  There were acres of sugarcane, mangoes and avocados then sorghum, cotton, and sunflowers.  We saw many Brachichitons (bottle trees) and some really lovely grassy woodland.  The brolgas dancing were super!

The Melaleucas were in full bloom!