OU-SEEES is my shorthand for the School of Earth, Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences at the Open University.  It is the dynamic school where I work, and as you can image from the name, the research and teaching staff have diverse interests. The school includes volcanologists, climate scientists, ecologists, biogeochemists, geologists, oceanographers and more.  Interviews with some of the faculty from SEEES can be found halfway down the page here.

Researchers from SEEES who are interested in Ecosystem Sciences, sometimes meet weekly.  Our meeting schedule is here (password protected).

Together with Phil Wheeler, I co-ordinate a weekly R Club where people from the School and across the STEM faculty are welcome.  Details of our meetings are here (password protected).

I’ve posted about things I’ve done at OU-SEEES, including teaching, research, outreach and living in Milton Keynes.