• 2021 January. Three Counties Radio, talking to Roberto Perrone about The Green Planet.
  • 2019 January. #MeetUsMondays video for @OU_STEM on Twitter
  • 2017 May. Video about my research interests and how that feeds into teaching for The Open University.
  • 2015 February. Science Alert.  Another version of my article on movement in carnivorous plants was presented with some groovy graphics.
  • 2014 December.  Radio interview with on Afternoon, 981, ABC radio in South Australia, with Sonya Feldhoff about Christmas tree longevity Scientists in School project.
  • 2014 December. Sydney Morning Herald. An article about our research on Christmas tree longevity with Year 7 students from Kambala school.
  • 2014 October. Science Alert. Our work on the green algal balls – identification of the dominant species – is mentioned in an article.
  • 2014 September. Ask Fuzzy, Fairfax Media (SMH, Canberra Times). I answered a question about how plants move in a short newspaper article.
  • 2012 June. Meanjin, Issue 71, No. 2. by Max Whitten quotes text fro My Little World and mentions my research of the insects that create the scribbles on scribbly gums.
  • 2011. For media relating to My Little World see here.
  • 2011 February. I appeared (planting grasses) on Sydney Weekender filmed at the Lane Cover River Tourist Park for the NSW Tourism awards 2010.
  • 2011 January.  My name in lights on the side of the Australian Museum (see image) for 15 seconds of fame as part of John Baldessari’s installation for the Sydney Festival.
  • 2010 October.  Ride to Work Day Challenge. News at MQSydney Cylist,
  • 2009 February.  Professor Marie Bashir, Governor of NSW, officially opened the amazing new Biology teaching labs at Macquarie University.  I was a model student for the photo shoot and appeared in the Northern District Times, and News@MQ!
  • 2007 June/July. Details of research on scribbly gums appeared in the Australian Plant Society Newsletter (Newcastle Group).

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