Macquarie University Arboretum

The Macquarie University Arboretum comprises of all the trees and shrubs on the leafy campus in North Ryde.  In August 2010 the arboretum was launched by Director of the Botanic Gardens,  Dr Tim Entwhistle and Vice Chancellor of Macquarie University, Steven Schwartz.

As a member of the Arboretum Committee and I was directly involved in the development of the Plant EvolutionCampus History and Botanical Vampires walks.  My text and images appear on ten permanent signs on campus as part of the Plant Evolution Walk.  Pictures from the Paleobiology fossil collection, microscopy unit and other great resources on campus also feature.  I led walks around the Arboretum associated with the 1967 Alumni (Mar 2011), and the Arboreal Exhibition at the Macquarie University Art Gallery (Nov 2011).

Every week, Alison and Kevin Downing, display a ‘Plant of the Week’. See Alison’s past featured plants here.


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