Being Part of Art

2020 May and September: During the covid-19 Pandemic, many artists have shown enormous ingenuity to bring their work online. Pub Choir is one of these, re-imagined and re-branded as Couch Choir.  They arrange and release videos of different song parts, participants record and upload these, then Astrid Jorgensen and her team assemble them.  I’ve contributed to two. I can’t spot my recordings, but with thousands of entries that is not surprising.  The pleasure is in rehearsing and seeing the final product knowing my voice is in there somewhere!

Heroes (David Bowie)

Happy Together (The Turtles)

July 2014: We went to see Casablanca and they made a fabulous film about the best way I’ve found to see a film! (Can you spot me at 1:50 or more easily at 2:20?)

2014, Jan: I was part of the volunteer chorus in post’s Oedipus Schmoedipus at Belvoir St Theatre. The biggest thrill was being on the Upstairs stage where some of my favourite actors (Deborah Mailman, Geoffrey Rush, Alison Bell, Toby Schmitz, Trevor Jaimieson) have appeared in great plays. Having not seen Oedipus Schmoedipus itself, (despite being part of it!), I can’t rate it easily, but I’m very grateful to Zoë Coombs Marr and Mish Grigor from post for the opportunity to be part of their ambitious project!

2011, Sep: With friends after performing in Anti-vertical Demonstration Expanded Workshop (Alex Martinis Roe) as part of Tamsin Green’s Relay Exhibition (Firstdarft’s The Experimental Curators Season).

2011, Jan:  My name in lights on the side of the Australian Museum (see image) for 15 seconds of fame as part of John Baldessari’s installation for the Sydney Festival


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